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Depending on input, MZANSI REFINERIES employs proprietary aqua regia, electrolytic and chlorination refining methodologies. As a full service precious metal refinery, MZANSI REFINERIES has significant capacity to refine the following metal
■■ Gold (AU)


MZANSI REFINERIES accepts the full range of high, medium and low grade inputs including:
■■ Mined doré bars
■■ Bars and ingots
■■ Coinage
■■ Manufacturing scrap and by-products
■■ Jewellery scrap and lemel

Receipt  & Sampling 


Endless supply of the shipment at its premises,
MZANSI REFINERIES examines got bundling for harm as proof of altering. 

Melting & Homogenisation

Prior to refining of data sources happens, MZANSI REFINERIES directs a controlled dissolving measure that limits soften misfortune to expand return. The got material is then homogenized using the most recent in worldwide homogenisation techniques.


MZANSI REFINERIES produces double visually impaired homogenous examples of all dissolved contribution to guarantee exact evaluation of the valuable metal substance at the hour of measure. Example tests are held by MZANSI REFINERIES for a very long time post monetary out-turn and recorded on the restrictive MZANSI REFINERIES ERP framework for extreme confirmation.


Full Service

MZANSI REFINERIES makes a broad scope of completed and semi-completed items including cast and concast bars, stamped tablets and coins, printed clear tablets and coins just as unadulterated valuable metal granules.

Minted Tablets & Coins

MZANSI REFINERIES operates South Africa’s largest private minting facility and benefits from vertically integrated efficiencies

Semi-finished Products

MZANSI REFINERIES gives a scope of semi-completed items to public and private area customers.


MZANSI REFINERIES produces precious metal granules for the jewellery and industrial manufacturing sectors.

Finance                                Storage

Mzansi Refineries provides a full suite of financial solutions for physical precious metals. We offer significant financial advantages in the form of price lock-ins for all major refining out-turns and forward bullion orders. We partner with our clients in managing their cashflow by offering immediate refining advances on receipt of material – even at mine gate and regardless of batch size.


Mzansi Refineries provides superior storage solutions for incoming client metal at its facilities including full insurances. All client metal is quarantined from general stock and recorded on the proprietary Mzansi Refineries ERP system. Physical inspections can be arranged as well as independent stock audits.




Gold Cast Bars

■■ 400oz Bar Gold
■■ 1kg Bar Gold
■■ 500g Bar Gold
■■ 10oz Bar Gold
■■ 250g  Bar Gold
■■ 5oz Bar Gold
■■ 100g Bar Gold
■■ 2oz Bar Gold
■■ 35.7g Bar Gold
■■ 1ozt Bar Gold
■■ 1/2oz Bar Gold 

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As a technically innovative company Mzansi Refineries. has developed many systems in-house ensuring environmentally friendly processes and maximum efficiency.

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