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Our Organisation

we are Level 1 BBEE company that operates locally and acts globally : Mzanzi Gold Refinery operates within South Africa and the SADC region .whilst being commercially aligned with global organisations based in Dubai , China and Singapore.


We take a broad affirmative philosophy in this regard.
We aim to provide highly specialized technical services
to meet the growing demand of Black Owned 


To be a main decision in the zone of refining, reciept and sampling, fabrication, and minting (for example remodels and modifications) because of value workmanship

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Straightforwardness, Trust and Partnership

Three words that sum up the MZANSI REFINERIES obligation to the world local area in which it works.  

Reach & Security

MZANSI REFINERIES offices utilize the most mechanically progressed observation and caution actuation frameworks accessible. Works intimately with driving secure vehicle associations to guarantee secure exchanges of metal to the refining office. Additionally offers secure private stockpiling arrangements through its sister organization Custodian Vaults. 

About Us

As a technically innovative company Mzansi Refineries. has developed many systems in-house ensuring environmentally friendly processes and maximum efficiency.

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