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The Premier Refinery Company in South Africa

 Our Organization

We are Level 1 BBEE company that operates locally and acts globally : Mzansi Refineries operates within South Africa and the SADC region, whilst being commercially aligned with global organisations based in Dubai , China and Singapore.Since the establishment, Mzansi Refineries has developed into South African’s most technologically advanced precious metal refining, assaying and minting facility featuring state of the art equipment and security. As a wholly black owned company, Mzansi Refineries plays a fundamental role in its fully vertically integrated model of precious metal services.

Major Role We Play in Refining Industry 

We are an SMME company that is adding to the value supply chain of the Gold Refinery Industry.


Premier Refinery.

Company in Southern Africa. 


Our code of conduct and its alignment to global standards. We operate locally and act globally. Creating synergies and global alignment with best in class methodologies and processes.

Leading SA Bullion Refiner and Trade

With state of the art in-house analysis

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We drive efficiencies

To determine the true value of your materials, a detailed and comprehensive analysis is essential. At Mzansi Refineries we analyse your materials to give you a full breakdown of the precious metal content of your consignment.


As a technically innovative company Mzansi Refinery. has developed many systems in-house ensuring environmentally friendly processes and maximum efficiency. While using the the following processes

  • Ideas
  • Concept
  • Solution
  • Market

Locally Refined Globally Recognized

Our expansive network gives us the unique ability to serve you conveniently wherever you are



The processes used to refine gold is based on a customer requirements.

Receipt  & Sampling 

Our in-house automated systems help us track the supply chain logistics.


We make a broad scope of completed and semi-completed items including cast and concast bars, stamped tablets and coins, printed clear tablets and coins just as unadulterated valuable metal granules.


We operates one of South Africa’s major minting facility with benefits from vertically integrated efficiencies.

Making The Right Choice 



The Mzansi Refineries Supply Chain?
We are interested in all precious metals not just gold, and also gemstones and antiques, and because your items are refined it does not matter if your items are old, damaged or even broken, we will still buy it from you.


The well-being and security of our staff is a priority. we contribute to the local community of which we work.As a company We are focused on being a world market leader. we prioritize the well being of our stuff  security of our customers.

Our Products

Gold Cast Bars

400oz Cast Bar Gold , 1kg Cast Bar Gold, 500g Cast Bar Gold, 10oz Cast Bar Gold, 250g Cast Bar Gold, 5oz Cast Bar Gold, 100g Cast Bar Gold, 2oz Cast Bar Gold, 35.7g Luong Cast Bar Gold, 1oz Cast Bar Gold, 1/2oz Cast Bar Gold 

Mzansi's Refineries Minted Coins

1oz Minted Coin Silver , 1oz Coin Gold, 1/2oz Coin Gold, 1/4oz Coin Gold.

Mzansi's Refineries Minted Tablets & Granules

1oz Minted Tablet Silver , 1oz Minted Tablet Gold, 1/2oz Minted Tablet Silver, 20g Minted Tablet Gold, 1/2oz Minted Tablet Gold, 10g Minted Tablet Gold, 5g Minted Tablet Gold.

Granules Gold
About Us

As a technically innovative company Mzansi Refineries. has developed many systems in-house ensuring environmentally friendly processes and maximum efficiency.

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